About Engineering Solutions and Sustainable Agriculture

On this blog, readers will be able to know more about the various aspects of engineering solutions and sustainable development. Multiple topics and issues concerning the same are outlined below.

Green Energy and Sustainable Agriculture

Readers will be able to read about the link between sustainable agriculture and green efforts in this sector. They will broaden their knowledge of the following practices:

  • Irrigation
  • Organic fertilisers
  • Renewable energy

Technology in Agriculture

In this section, readers will see how technology has been leveraged to solve challenges in sustainable agriculture. Both farmers and consumers have embraced the use of apps. It has helped them bridge the gap in the transfer of agricultural information. These apps are:

  • Agrivi
  • Farmeron
  • MachineryGuide

Why Engage in Sustainable Agriculture?

In this section, readers will get to understand the immense benefits that come with sustainable agriculture. While many people may overlook the importance of farming in an economy, gains attributed to this economic activity cannot be undervalued. Besides considering innovations in agricultural practices, readers will grasp the essence of integrating engineering solutions in farming. Unlike the old ages of traditional agriculture, the inception of modern agriculture has substantially improved the agricultural field. Some of the advantages are:

  • Ecological conservation
  • Protection of biodiversity
  • Low cost of production

Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineers play an important role in advancing sustainable development. By developing solutions to everyday farmer problems, agricultural engineers help in improving the cause of sustainable agriculture hence ensuring prudent exploitation of resources. This part of the website has featured this information into details in a manner that readers will understand the need for engineering in farming.

Innovations in Agricultural Engineering

In this section, readers will read about the critical changes in agricultural engineering and their role in advancing sustainable agriculture. These innovations include:

  • Environmental friendly energy sources
  • Post-harvest handling machinery
  • Plant protection machinery
  • Soil compaction