An Insight Into The Top Sustainability And Agriculture Apps

The agricultural sector is a crucial segment of the economy among many countries. Besides, most people depend on agriculture for food, making it imperative to enforce the industry to a more sustainable endeavour. However, producing sufficient amounts of food to sustain everyone is a challenge. Furthermore, practising sustainable agriculture while maintaining conservative measures has been the most difficult challenge in many nations. The use of apps has recently boosted agricultural sustainability efforts, and farmers are enjoying the experience. Let’s explore these apps.


Based on production processes in over eighty crops, Agrivi guides agriculturists towards improving their production. The Agrivi app includes features like the project-oriented management guide.

The feature allows people in the agricultural sector to organise and monitor farm activities. Additionally, you may find a guide to advanced sales or expenditure tracking, which guarantees you a full control of your farm’s finances.

Platinum Play

Platinum Play is a mobile casino that allows people to play casino games more efficiently, unlike visiting a land-based casino. Platinum Play has more than fifty games. The Platinum Play casino app accepts players from different countries, and you may find most of your favourite games on the casino.


The Totheshelf app plays a vital role in linking farmers to consumers. The app has a major goal of building global networks between sellers and consumers of agricultural yields.

The app allows farmers, wholesalers, cooperatives, brokers, exporters, importers, retailers, and anyone involved in animal and plant product trading to get useful information as well as a great chance to find new customers and business partners.


The MachineryGuide app has transformed smartphones to work as GPS systems. It’s a guidance software program that incorporates precision farming applications using an antenna.


This app is used in herd management. Farmers gather data in one place to allow them to make timely production decisions. Additionally, Farmeron allows farmers to track production activities, economic performances, purchases, and animal sales.