Sustainable Agriculture and Green Efforts

This blog highlights ways to improve sustainable agriculture and green efforts in light of changes in weather patterns. To mitigate this, the top of the suggestions is the use of irrigation to enhance all-season production. The use of renewable energy sources and the application of organic fertilisers are also well explained. Finally, the adoption of genetically modified organisms will enable farmers to grow crops and disease-resistant varieties.

Tech in Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture has kept pace with tech. App development has taken the sector by storm. The most innovative apps enabling farmers to attain their goals are explained. These include Agrivi, Totheself, MachineryGuide and Farmeron that provide farm solutions for various challenges faced by farmers.

Advantages of Sustainable Agriculture

The blog further delves into the merits of sustainable agriculture. These include ecological conservation, reduction of population and protection of biodiversity. Other benefits are the low cost of production and promoting social equality.

Agriculture Engineering

Agricultural engineering has grown by leaps and bounds. This blog expounds on the reasons engineering practices should be incorporated into sustainable agriculture. Further, the role of engineers in enhancing sustainable agriculture is indicated. The blog also gives an outlook on agricultural engineering solutions. These include soil and water engineering answers and food processing engineering.

Innovations in Agricultural Engineering

In recent decades, there have been ground-breaking innovations in the domain of agricultural engineering. This blog mentions such advances as soil compaction technology, which has enabled the maintenance of soil structure and fertility. Other innovations are the use of eco-friendly energy sources to power the farm, post-harvest handling to reduce losses and the use of plant protection machinery.