Living Will

- help to protect yourself and loved ones from trauma


This directive should be printed and filled in NOW.

It should be kept with the patient's personal papers, with copies lodged with the GP and legal adviser, and in hospital notes where appropriate.

The patient is advised to carry a card advising that a living will exists.

Disclaimer: This form is posted here for those who seek it. No warranty of any kind is implied, and no claims are made as to its legal status. It is believed to have been of some help in New Zealand situations.

In the first instance, everyone is urged to arrange an Enduring Power of Attorney to be held by a trusted person in the interests of your family, in case you become unable to express your wishes - consult your legal advisor.

Download the file (.DOC format) for printing: LivingWill.doc

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Created: 2005 March 24 - Modified: 2016 February